November 1, 2021; Stuttgart

further performances: 6./13./15./20.11

"The Condemnation of Lucullus"

Opera by Paul Dessau with texts by Bertold Brecht.

To date, Dessau wrote probably the only opera with Trautonium participation.

Peter Pichler will accompany the production as a soloist at the Mixturtrautonium.


Various performances in the Stuttgart State Opera.


"... He (Lukullus) doesn’t come up against this choir anyway, and against the Trautonium that Peter Pichler impresses with."

Bayerischer Rundfunk; 1.11.21; Peter Jungblut

"... But the trautonium is through  nothing  to replace.

At the front right he sits with his mysteriously glowing box full of buttons and switches, it buzzes and whines, a sound that cannot be compared with anything and that helps beam the entire performance into a newly discovered orbit of musical theater.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 4.11.21; Egbert Tholl


I play with the TRAUTONIUM in the Stuttgart Opera "The Condemnation of Lucullus" by B. Brecht and P. Dessau. One of the few operas with trautonium!
The piece is awesome and highly recommended. Here you can take a look into the past and at the same time into the future. Modern composers have been trying "unsuccessfully" to shape their works for 70 years.

Lots of percussion, accordion, wind instruments and flutes but no violins and violas, the arias are inhuman. Electronic sounds from the world of shadows on the conductor's desk Bernhard Kontarsky - a legend - staging by the people of "Hauen und Stechen"

And then in 1951, after the premiere, Brecht and Dessau moved to the GDR in order to live and help shape the new anti-imperialist social utopia ... well, it failed ... what a shame.

Nevertheless: "In the not with Lukullus and everyone like him"

Peter Pichler - last Trautonium player

December 4, 2021; Bibow near Schwerin
Trautonium solo concert

Neuhoff Castle

Lütte Werder 9

19417 Bibow OT Neuhof

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Peter Pichler introduces the Volkstrautonium and the Mixturtrautonium, tells interesting and amusing things from the eventful history of the instrument and plays different genres from classical to live film scoring to modern electro-pop.

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