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Trautonium Musik


Genzmer CD Neu veröffentlicht.png
Harald Genzmer:  Works For Mixture Trautonium
From Post War Sounds to Early Krautrock
by Peter Pichler

Classic, largely unpublished works by Harald Genzmer for Mixturtrautonium.

Edited and recorded by Peter Pichler at the Mixturtrautonium. Supported by the Harald Genzmer Foundation.

(Label: Paladino, Vienna)

CD Cover Peter Pichler Trautonium Vibes
by  Peter Pichler

The CD for the first non-European concert tour of the Trautonium.

In April 2019 to Australia.


Peter Pichler's avant-garde pop band from Munich

"Songwriter is a dirty word, music maker is a word and the NO GOODS around Peter Pichler and Tschinge Krenn are cheeky." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Three albums were released by the traditional label Trikont in Munich.

CD Cover Peter Pichler No Goods CD Willkommen in Europa

Release: 06/2000

The old song of false promises, alienation, longing and melancholy.

CD Cover Peter Pichler No Goods 23 Minuten

Release: 01/1995

Take the heart of techno - the rhythm - and bring it to life on a percussion set.

CD Cover Peter Pichler No Goods 17 Lieder

Release: 08/1993

Suspicious survival sounds &

Poetic unemployment music by Peter Pichler

No Goods Musik
Condom Musik


One of the first punk bands in Munich.

Founded in 1979 in the Olympic Village in Munich, all the founding members still play in their original cast.

Patrick - vocals

Peter - guitar

Tsching - bass

Willi - drums

CD Cover Peter Pichler Condom Kein Zurück

Release: 12/2019

The anniversary album for the 40th anniversary of CONDOM. Anniversary concert at Club X in Munich on December 20, 2019

Cover Vorne Single Condom
Cover hinten Single Condom

Release: 1981

The first single by CONDOM was created in the practice room in the Olympic Village in Munich from 1979 onwards.

Immediate ban and arrest of band members for "offensive lyrics".

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