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Peter Pichler in seinem Studio am Trautonium


Peter Pichler from Munich crosses the border between different art forms.

Today he is one of the few musicians who have mastered the Trautonium or Mixturtrautonium and the only one who performs with it live.  

With the Trautonium, he has a longstanding fascination for the extraordinary sound and the extensive musical possibilities of the instrument. He plays the contemporary, classical literature for Trautonium and Mixturtrautonium as well as film music and his own compositions.

At the age of 14, Pichler found the opportunity to express his attitude musically with his punk band CONDOM. The prohibition of the first single and the subsequent arrest for "authoritative text offensive" followed immediately.

Pichler studied classical guitar and renaissance lute at the Mozarteum Salzburg, the Leopold Mozart Conservatory Augsburg and the State University of Music in Karlsruhe.

He is the winner of the Bavarian Advancement Award of the City of Munich and other competitions. He composes for film, television and theater (eg Münchner Kammerspiele) and is involved as a musician, musical director and arranger in Peter Licht, Funny van Dannen and Hans Söllner productions; also as a composer, musical dramaturge and musician in various free and public theater productions.

In the 90s he toured Europe with his avant-garde pop band NO GOODS.

Since 2015 he has been touring Germany and the neighboring European countries with workshops and concerts and cooperates with universities and young ensembles in order to explore the peculiarities and compositional possibilities of electronic music.

In April 2019, for the first time in its 90-year history, he led the Trautonium out of Europe on a concert and workshop tour through Australia.

In 2021, at the invitation of the Italian artist Mirco Mariani, he took part in the Sanremo Music Festival. The Stuttgart Opera also hired him for the new production of the opera "The Condemnation of Lucullus", in order to perform Dessaus's and Brecht's opera with the original instrumentation for the first time in decades.

Trautonium Vibes CD verteilt auf dem Boden


"No turning back" CONDOM, self-distribution

"Trautonium Vibes", self-distribution



"Works for Mixture Trautonium - From Post War Sounds to Early Krautrock"



“Wuide time” Stephan Zinner


"Oiwei i", "In the rain", "Sososo", "Vietnam", "Mei Zuastand", "Mei Zuastand 2" Hans Söllner


"Just a Gschicht" DVD


"Men" Franz Wittenbrink



“125 Years of Punk Music ” CONDOM, Nauerz + Seger

"Not a beautiful country" Franz Wittenbrink

2003 - 2006

"Herzscheiße" and "Nebelmaschine" Funny van Dannen



“Danza Espanola” classical guitar



“Operative process of melancholy” marching band
"Trouble man live" according to Kurt Weill, Russki Records



"Welcome to Europe" NO GOODS, Trikont

"Trouble man" according to Kurt Weill, Russki Records



"Enough for me" CONDOM, Bad and Dizzy



"23 minutes" NO GOODS, Trikont



"17 songs" NO GOODS, Trikont



"Juri go on" NO GOODS ", Russki Records



"No rights" CONDOM, self-distribution



Vocational school for music Altötting



Mozarteum Salzburg



Leopold Mozart Conservatory (major in classical guitar and renaissance lute)



Bavarian advancement award of the state capital Munich



University of Music Karlsruhe University diploma, concert qualification and study of modern classical music (by J. Cage - HW Henze), experimental music


since 1996

Free music teacher / music school teacher



Music grant from the City of Munich

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